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Why Kenya

Why Kenya

Kenya ’s  is one of the best place to invest in Africa:

    • Central location in East Africa.
    • Large internal market (44 million consumers).
    • Good road and port infrastructure.
    • Abundant, fairly well trained labor force.
    • Democratic political system.
    • Ease of doing business index amongst the top 5 countries in Africa.

The Ease of doing business index (1=most business-friendly regulations) in Kenya was last reported at 121 in 2012 which ranking is in the mid-top range amongst African countries. The Kenyan government is undertaking comprehensive structural reforms aimed at improving the investment climate.

Income Tax Holiday

A Kenya national 10% (E10) ethanol blending policy would require about 60 million liters annually. Adopting tax incentives to promote the new biofuels industry & grain production will revitalize rural areas, like Coast, Nyanza and Western counties and provide an engine of growth throughout these regions enhancing the tax base in the same areas.

Agro-industrial projects aligned to the government of Kenya “Vision 2030” goals benefit from favorable taxation schemes. Based on this conviction, that Tana 3S will seek for 10 years income tax exemption. Although likely, the tax holiday has not been taken into account in the financial model.