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Sweet Sorghum Harvesting

Sweet Sorghum Harvesting

It is foreseen to use adapted sugarcane harvesters capable of harvesting simultaneously the grains and the stalks. The harvester cuts the stalks into pieces ranging from 150 to 200 mm.

Sweet Sorghum Juice Extraction

    • Weighting & recording

      When the cane arrives at the Syrup production units it is weighed at receiving stations.

    • Juice Extraction

      The Sweet Sorghum billets are cut in small pieces of 100 to 200 mm in a chopper and fed into a 4 units battery of high efficiency juice expellers.

    • Juice filtering & treatment

      The juice, after epuration process to eliminate the impurities, is sent to the evaporators.

    • Juice evaporation

      The juice is concentrated in Syrup in the evaporators until reaching a Brix of 48% to 75%.

    • Syrup storage

      The Syrup will be stored in tanks before being used as feedstock for ethanol production. Until the ethanol production units come into operation, the Syrup will be sold to local distilleries. The Syrup can be stored for a period of 6 to 9 months without loss of quality.