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Renewable Energy Project

Hybrid Biogas Power Generation Facility.

10MW Solar & 20 MW Biogas Electric Power Generation.

The Project Concept

Afrinol Holdings Limited (“AHL”) in partnership SACE/ACES together with Afrinol have identified bankable technology providers and a group of plant suppliers for a full turnkey project., a company with an international presence envisages the development of a 30 MW hybrid facility consisting of 10 MW of photovoltaic and 20 MW of biogas independent power producing project to be located on leased land at 15,000 Hectares Lease of Land for an integrated, Irrigated Agriculture Food Security Project, in the Kitangale Ranch, Tana River County, Republic of Kenya with the express purpose of fostering further economic and social development.

The proposed project to be known as will be a Joint venture between (“SWDY”) 60% shareholding and (“AHL”) 40%shareholding.

The Hybrid Technology:
– Photovoltaic
– Biogas

Through an integrated generation system the facility will guarantee a 24 hour electricity generation of base load power.

Estimated kWh per year:

Photovoltaic Solar farm: – Electric Energy(gross): 25,200,000
Biogas Farm Electric Energy(gross); – 169,489,320

Other by product lines per year

Heat energy(gross): kWh 101,149,528
Solid bio – fertilizerw ith wet contain75%: 141,912 tons
Liquid bio – fertilizer with wet 99%: 275,208 tons

The development includes:-

Solar Power farm

Establishment of 10MW solar power generation unit. The overall area occupied by photovoltaic modules is 50 acres. The plant will have 10 segments with each segment having an installed capacity of 1 MW. Each segment has 4 inverters with a capacity of 250 kW each.

There are 44,560 modules (557 arrays with 24 modules per array) that contain mono-crystalline Silicon solar cells. The solar photovoltaic modules are connected such that a voltage of 415 volts is generated at the output of each inverter and thereafter interfaced with the Biogas generation unit.

The solar unit is expected to generate power for 6 hours per day hence: 7hrs/day x 360 days/year x 10,000kWh = 25,200,000 kWh.

The 20MW Biogas Plant

The Biogas plant will use Napier grass. Napier grass 1,408 tons/day with wet contains 75%. Technology is based on the 2-stage fermentation process (digestion and post-digestion). Biogas plant will produce biogas in amount of 221,760m3 per day with methane content 55-60%.