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Organization and management

Organization and management

The project is expected to offer employment to people at factory level (managers, machine operators and other staff), and at field level (extension agents, agronomists, truck drivers and loaders, harvesters etc.)

The Napier Grass harvesters will come mainly from the nucleus farm and out- growers in the region, and this help create employment and improve incomes.

Proposed management organization chart


In the structure of management there will be a Board of Management, Director, managers (plant and field), and support staff. At field level, there will be field superintendents to supervise the on agronomic practices and other activities.

We can therefore assume that the Agri bisiness and Power generation will create Projected a total of:1,246 direct job opportunities. Bio-gas plant will be run in a manner commensurate with any business whose aim is to maximize profits. According to ISSAAS, 2007, the manpower requirement for the Biogas plant is 120 people per plant comprising of both direct and indirect labor.