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Nucleus Farm

Nucleus Farm

  • Plough and harrow the field well before planting. (i.e. seedbed should be as good as that for planting).
  • The equipment is economically viable if leased. John Deere have two options suitable for Kitangale Ranch.
  • Reduced operating costs per hour – Generally pay fewer upfront costs and lower monthly payments.
  • The latest technology – With newer equipment in your fleet, one can take advantage of new equipment advancements.
  • Less downtime – one is more likely to avoid the service bay with a newer fleet.


The irrigation water is sourced from Tana River, It is the greatest river in Kenya. The river ascends in the Aberdare Mountains to the west of Nyeri, It crosses Garissa, Hola and Garsen before inflowing the Indian Ocean at Ungwana Bay.

Tana 3’s project has identified multistage centrifugal pumps for the pumping stations at the Tana River as the superior option. Water will be pumped to reservoirs situated within designated location in the Ranch.

The irrigation system consist of 65 hectares of centre pivots that will irrigate the crop to a height of 1.5 meters and the crop will be stressed of water. Tana Agriculture will explore other irrigation systems eg; drip irrigation and rain guns.

Centre-Pivot irrigation is preferred however as both crops i.e Sweet sorghum and Napier grass are intended to grow taller than the centre pivot irrigation system. The project has to test the results of the crops being stressed of water.

The Nucleus (sweet sorghum) farm (initially starts with the establishment of 2,500 Ha progressing to 10,000 Ha in 4 years of White Sweet Sorghum. Soybean (1,000 Ha) will be the rotational crop. The entire planted area will be under Centre Pivots Irrigation and fully mechanised.