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Tana 3S will to contribute to the sustainable development of the area while protecting the ecosystems:

    • High GHG saving rate.
    • Feedstock Sweet Sorghum (Ethanol from Sweet Sorghum Net Energy ratios of 8).
    • No cane burning (100% mechanical harvesting).
    • Cultivation process using ethanol process wastes
    • Savanna type natural land, no deforestation
    • Environmental Protection.
    • Low impact on water resources
    • No competition with food crop production.

Environmental Impact Study (EIA)

An extended Impact Environmental Study has been performed by Professor David Mungai on behalf of Mumias Sugar Company for the Tana Integrated Sugar Project and Bedford Bio-Fuels Project. The 33,000 ha area covered by the study includes Kitangale Ranch. On basis of this study, Prof. Mungai will generate an EIA specific to Tana 3S project.

Responsibility Toward the Local Community

It is foreseen that Tana 3S will create about 120 agricultural and industrial non-specialized jobs which will be available in priority to the local population.

The excess of sweet sorghum bagasse will be available to the local population for cattle feed.

Tana 3S is engaged to contribute to the sustainable development of the area while protecting the ecosystems.
For all these reasons, the project benefits from strong support of the population and local leaders.

Management and Organization:

The Bioethanol plant start-up will be ensured by a team of highly skilled Indian engineers and technicians.
A selected number of some of those professionals will be offered a long-term employment contract at Tana 3S.

Regarding the agricultural operation, Mr. Robert Muchiri who is a qualified agronomist has a proven track record in Sorghum cultivation.

Mr. Stefan Van Damme is an agronomist specialized in bioenergy crop and senior expert in renewable energy project analysis and start-up. Legal advice is provided by Walker Kontos Advocates and Financial/tax advice by PKF Consulting Limited.