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Agricultural Conditions

Soil Classes and Fertility

The highly fertile, deep dark brown soils, sandy clay loams and sandy clays (fluvisols) present in the Galana, Tana River County are highly suitable for Sweet Sorghum cultivation.

Climatic Conditions

The region receives between 650-750mm of rain per year (with an average for 5 last years of 700 mm). Irrigation is not required however salvage irrigation will be installed to increase yields and avoid losses during exceptional drought periods.

Mechanical Harvesting

With a leveled to smoothly wavy relief, 100% of the crop area can be harvested mechanically. This would eliminate the hiring, training, housing and supervision of seasonal sorghum cutters.

High Yield Sweet Sorghum Varieties

The high yield varieties adapted to coastal Kenya climatic conditions are, among others, the Brazilian: BR 501, BRS 601, CMSXS 634 & CMSXS 635 and the Indian hybrids ICSA 264 X IC SV 93046, ICSA 213 X S35 & ICSA 474 X SSV 84, these varieties yield above 80 tons of stalks (with a 14 -15 % Brix) and 4.5 tons of grain per hectare (see document in Annexes).