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Agri-Industry Information

Agri-Industry Information

The company’s ongoing community participation is to sensitize and mobilize small holder farmers to switch to sweet sorghum in regions already producing grain sorghum to enhance income and generate capacity.

Afrinol has corroborate with International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid (“ICRISAT”), Sorghum Value Chain Development Consortium (SVCDC) and Village Ventures Kenya (VVK) are working to facilitated 10, 000 households form Common Interest Groups (CIG) who train in profitable market oriented production of sorghum and improved access to markets through the provision of technology and information services. The venture aims initially serving communities in regions already producing grain sorghum and provide extension services to ensure the production is improved and maintained.

Excess that cannot be internally consumed as food will be bought and off loaded to other products lines in our value chain.The project will establishing Decentralize Stalks Crushing and Grain Collection Centres in the outgrowing regions where farmers will deliver the grain and all stalks.

The deliveries will be inspected, weighed paid as per agreed contract terms. The extraction of juice and semi processed at the same centres will be done and the syrup will be packed in plastic drums seal and delivered to the distilleries.


Projected Sweet Sorghum Acreage by 2019: 10.000 Hectares (planting of 2.500 hectares per year). Projected Grain Production by 2019: 33.750 tons of Sorghum grain & 6.5 tons of Soybean (to be planted for crop rotational purposes)

Other developments include of a 10,000 Ha of high yield sweet sorghum plantation under irrigation that generates enough fedstock for processing, Grain Storage facilities, Ethanol Processing unit, Feedlots for Beef animals and a Co-generation power unit. At a rate of 2,500 Ha per year plantation, the full crop production expected by 2019.

In full production Tana 3S is a benefit to food security, social and economic empowerment of in agri business in Kenya with minimal impact on ecological & water resources and unlocks the potential of economic and sustainability of the value chain.

Background and Development:

Grain Sorghum is the fifth most consumed food, after rice, wheat, maize, and potatoes and dietary staple of over half a billion people in 30 countries in semi-arid tropics.

It produces a highly nutritious, gluten-free grain cob, which is ground into flour and used for making ugali, bread, beer, animal feed and other food products.

The Syrup is used in pharmaceutical as an ingredient in neutraceutical formulations, medicated sweets, blended powders, syrups, elixirs, tablets, lozenges and capsules.

In the food industry the syrup is a rich source of calcium, potassium and iron, and of natural antioxidants (ascorbic acid and other carotenoids).It’s a healthy alternative to sugar or honey and often used as a nutritious, natural sweetener.